sealants & surface treatments

Because of the inherent density and near zero porosity of Ductal UHPC Envel panels do not require a sealer to mitigate water absorption. However, sealers are employed to assist in resistance to soiling as well as aiding the product in being cleaned more easily due to natural environmental contaminants and pollution.

Envel Nano

All panels after media blasting receive, at minimum, Envel Nano sealer which is a penetrating sealer that forms a chemical bond with the product and, is non-film forming, breathable, does not have an effect on the finished color and does not leave a sheen. This sealer allows the products natural color to be expressed.


For designers who wish to exercise more control over the finished products color our Envel-SG can be utilized. Like Envel Nano, Envel-SG is a non-film forming, breathable sealer-stain whose color and opacity can be precisely adjusted to the designer’s specifications. The chosen color is formulated and added to a base that is produced to varying levels of opacity from 30% translucent up to 100% opaque and anywhere in between. This sealer is useful when the designer wants to more precisely control the UHPC product’s natural variations. Envel-SG is also available in varying levels of gloss from a matte finish to medium gloss options.

*Developing Envel-SG formulations and demonstrating its effects requires additional development time and should be considered early in the design process.

Envel-SG is also used to achieve rich, saturated, dark, and even exotic colors and finishes that are not always possible in UHPC with through body mineral pigments alone. A through-body color cast product combined with Envel-SG opens an entire world of finish options for your designs.