Product Description

Format panels are manufactured in sizes that exceed 24” in more than two directions and are available at up to 72” x 144” finished size (with some flexibility for greater). Thicknesses start from 5/8” and may increase depending upon the selected surface treatment and loading requirements.

Format series panels are available in both face fastened or hidden fastening attachment systems as supplied by Envel. Find installation details for each below.

Format series panels are available in all Envel standard surfaces and colors as well as custom options. Format panels can also be cut to any shape and size and be provided with perforation options.

Envel selects from our in-stock inventory of molds or will create molds to suit the project’s needs, ensuring as little waste as possible.

Sheet goods are manufactured to larger than necessary finished sizes specific to each project and stored until final sizes are supplied by the customer. Once final sizes and quantities have been established, the Envel sheets are cut and fabricated to the project specifications.

Format Image


Vertical format, Deep texture with hidden fastening.

Veroni Panel

Custom pattern and color development.


Envel Specification

Face Fastening Detail Drawings

Hidden Fastening Detail Drawings

Project Highlights Headline

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

5′ x 12′ panels (12′ max length)

5/8″ – 1″ panel design thickness utilizing deep texture Ecorce III surface.


Lewis Farms Fire Station

Exploration of a custom pattern created by local Artist, Victoria Wiercinski. Various panel sizes including up to 8′ x 8′ panel size.

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